Will Apple let customers suffer from the music industry transition ?

1 Year after Apple Music was introduced to the world, iTunes Music Store was never be mentioned for long time. Also, tons of songs has been removed out of the long lived and the world most popular online music store. iTunes Store not only contain musics, it also become a larges movie rental (or purchased) store.

An Idea of Digital Hub

Back in 2003 - when iTunes Store and iPod started become the symbol for a new era of music industry. This revolution of digital content lead Apple to the most popular Music seller on the globe. People can buy a song, their favourite song, download them, create playlist, sync them into their iPod or just burn a CD for their road trip.

After iPhone was introduced in 2007, the internet era has come. Internet is started to become a main content storage for many people, but not for everyday content like Photos, Video, Music. Then, the introduce of iCloud in 2011 (Which was the last Keynote of Steve Jobs) Job gave and idea of what he did call "A Digital Hub" This idea was given the prove that everyone should have their own cloud, not just a desktop, but the contents including Music, Photos, Video and every personal stuff should be stored in the cloud. Not just stored, it has to be synced across all the devices. iPhone can take photos, as well as the iPad. It makes no sense if you want the iPhone taken photos on your iPad but you need to hook both device up to your Mac and transfer everything manually.

iTunes in the Cloud was one of the feature introduced on that day. Let you sync all your purchased musics to all your device with out additional charge. Musics are no more a costumers side content. It also the responsibility of iTunes to know and to store them on the cloud. So, you don't have to be worried about loosing music when an accident occur with your Mac.

This eco system is complex but simple for the customers. They never know what happened behind the purchased of their content. They just there for you wherever you want.

Apple Music

Apple music is another of service. You pay money monthly and get access to all the song. You didn't own them. This was a simple idea but no one can prove that this model of service is good for everyone.

The thing can be changes, but why customers has to be suffer from the changes. I lost tons of my songs, worth more than price for multi-year Apple Music subscription. Apple's way lead the artist to remove their songs on a long lived iTunes Store.

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