Useful Uber tips from Bangkokian (free ride code inside)

Uber is great! I would say that. I lived here in Bangkok for the entire life. Avoiding those rude Taxi drivers (not all of them are bad), Uber is a great thing to ride.

I always use Uber, I've used them since the service started back in 2014.

Here's the registration link if you haven't got an Uber account : REGISTER

FREE RIDE CODE : ubersuankularb
( If you are using Uber first time, you will get 75 baht discount each of your first 2 rides - to be honest with you this is an invites code. I will get discount if you use the code.)

I don't know if these works just like in your hometown, but I think every city in the world has their own style whether transportation or urban plan. How Uber works in your city might not be the best way here.

Let's take a first look, there are 3 types of Uber in Bangkok.

  • UberX - cheapest price (lower than local Taxi) the car is not bad, they use new and clean car.
  • Uber Black - at the higher price you will get a larger sedan car, some of them are Mercedes!
  • Uber SUV - just as it said, it's an SUV.

*Please noticed: Driver can use Uber Black car and drive them as UberX. If you call for the UberX, you might have a chance of getting a larger sedan car or even SUV! and you pay just for the X price rate.

Here are simple tips for riding Uber around Bangkok.

1. Uber in Bangkok accepts CASH or CREDIT CARD.

You can choose the way you pay within the app. I recommend using the credit card, faster, no confused, no wait for an exchange.

2. Don't ride uber all the way to your destination at least not during rush hour.

In case you don't want to use those confusing bus or van service but also don't want to pay the high price for Uber too.

Bangkok have the best sky train and subway system, the BTS and MRT. Those are not too much expensive and will never be more than 55 baht. They even have 1-day ticket unlimited train pass selling around 120 - 140 baht. If your destination is pretty far, don't ride uber all the way to it. Spending much money isn't the point, the most important thing is "You won't survive the traffic."

Let Uber take you to the nearest BTS or MRT station and ride one of them to your destination. Your travel will be much cheaper.

Let's say, I live in the outer part of the city. I want to go to downtown maybe Siam Paragon. You can ask Uber to take you to the nearest BTS station.

3. The toll fee will include in your receipt, don't give the driver cash. And don't be mad if you see toll include in your receipt but I didn't take them.

In Bangkok, Uber use GPS to detect if your path uses a toll or not. Most of the toll was build above the local road. They might mistake charge the fee. Don't worry, you can check the receipt, press the report button, choose wrong toll fare and type in 0 as a toll fare. You will soon be refunded.

4. Don't even think about using Don Muang tollway in rush hour (commonly know as 'tollway' for Bangkokian)

Don Muang is one of the most expensive toll in Bangkok. No matter what, rush hour will turn them into a giant car park.

5. There are 2 kinds of Uber driver in Bangkok from my experience.

The first kind of them is the young or new generation will enjoy driving Uber, they think this is the best way to make money. These people. Secondly, the people who have a hard time with Uber, they always complaining about not making enough money. I don't know why they are having a hard time when some say being an Uber driver is the best way to make money. People who have a hard time driving it may know Uber from their friend who also drives Uber and doesn't know how the Uber's system works. But trust me, They both are good people.

6. Riding Uber from the airport to anywhere in Bangkok with charge you at the same price at 300 baht (UberX).

How great is it? Just imagine your ride from JFK to NewYork downtown, how's the price gonna be? In Bangkok, calling Uber from both airports, DMK and BKK will fix the price at 300 baht, can't be higher.

You can check all the fixed price here :
(You can even ride Uber to Pattaya directly from the airport!)

7. Uber always have promo code update, do not miss them.

Go to their Facebook page and like the page. The new promo will update here :

Here's some of the tips that may help your travel around Bangkok easier with Uber.